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WordPress + ChatGPT

Sync to GPT connects your WordPress site with ChatGPT for content analysis, article creation, marketing strategies, and more.

Sync to GPT in ChatGPT
How to use in ChatGPT

Prompt Examples

Features & Options

Multiple Post Retrieval

Use a prompt like "Draft an engaging newsletter from my recent posts" to retrieve and work with multiple posts at once.

Search Functionality

Initiate AI-powered searches in WordPress blogs. ChatGPT determines keywords for the most relevant results based on your prompt.

Idea Generation

Leverage ChatGPT to analyze existing posts and assist you in uncovering new topics and themes that resonate with your audience.

Single Post Retrieval

Retrieve and interact with a single post using its title in the prompt or choose from a list of previously fetched posts.

Detail Retrieval

Retrieve specific details like headings, images, links, quotes, or lists from posts. Analyze for trends, sentiment, or other insights.


Specify the number of posts to pull and navigate through different sets of posts using, "Show more", or "Show page [number]."

Note: Sync to GPT works with self-hosted WordPress sites.

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